1 July – Jewel Drawings

A few jewel-like drawing of things that are emblematic of medieval Mottisfont.

Reliquary – a vessel containing the holy relic, said to be a finger bone of John the Baptist, would have been placed on the altar of the priory church.  I’ve imagined the reliquary in the shape of a tomb or shrine clad in metal and decorated with glass.  The geometric motifs come from floor tiles from the nave of the original church.


Mottisfont Oak – an ancient oak tree on the Mottisfont estate estimated to be 800-1100 years old.  Still a thriving tree today (it’s not dead – I drew it in April before it came into leaf) it is the only living thing to survive from the medieval period.  Mottisfont’s living relic.


Holy Ghost – a dove to symbolise the Holy Ghost as Mottifont Abbey was actually the Church of the Holy Trinity.  There were two dovecotes in the priory precinct.


Momento Mori – skulls of a tawny own and corvid found on the estate providing a natural history Momento Mori.


Medieval Rose – Rosa Maxima alba expressing the three virtues of faith (white), hope (green) and love (red).  The medieval rose is a hybrid between the red damask rose and white native roses.



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