6 June – Designing Mappa

It took 2 days in the studio turning the idea of Mappa into an actual design.  I had to figure out how to deal with the shifts in scale from each of the four concentric zones.  At the centre is a plan of the priory precinct and Mottisfont Village.  This is surrounded by the land immediately next to the precinct with major features such as the earthwork and Mottisfont Oak.  The third ring contains the wider estate lands and the geography becomes very distorted as this shows a much larger area of Wiltshire and Hampshire.  Finally, using the convention in medieval maps of surrounding land by water,  I create the outer ring showing Mottisfont within mainland Britain.   Major rivers are indicated to reinforce the significance of water and create a visual ‘halo’ of watercourses pointing inwards towards Mottisfont.


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