7 May – Winchester Cathedral Visit with Portway School

My co-creative workshops are with pupils from Portway Primary School in Andover.  We start with a visit to Winchester Cathedral to see the Winchester Bible and make drawings of animals, patterns and faces within the architecture.  They were fabulous at finding mythical beasts and animals. Here’s the list they compiled in less than ten minutes – angel, bear, boar, bull, cat, cockerel, cow, crow, deer, dog, dove, dragon, duck, eagle, fish, goat, griffin, horse, human, lion, monkey, owl, partridge, phoenix, pig, ram, sheep, snake, unicorn, winged wolf.  They made drawings of pattern from tiles in the retrochoir too.  Apparently this are of 13th century tiles is the largest and oldest area of tiling to survive in England.  The same tiles were used in Mottisfont Priory and have been reused in the summerhouse floor.

drawing tilessketching in cathedralsketching tiles

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2 Responses to 7 May – Winchester Cathedral Visit with Portway School

  1. Marilyn says:

    I wonder where the tiles were made back in the day….

  2. Bo says:

    Just catching up on all these lovely updates and beautiful explorations of art and nature!

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