Installation of Anna’s films in the house.

It’s May and my (Anna’s) installation has been up and running in the house for nearly two months and Hywel is busy working to get his sound installation finished for June too so there will be even more to see / hear / experience.


To see a short taster film of the exhibition in the house – here is a link.


I’ve tried to give an idea of what it feels like to be there, seeing the films in situ. I hope it works and tempts you to visit, especially all you volunteers who are too busy in the garden to go in..

limes yellow room

There are 14 films in all the various rooms on small picture frames or hidden in books… you have to find them.

morning room

AND there are two projections! One in the ante-room, which has not been open to the public before and one lurking under the stairs.

It is amazing to think how many people have visited and watched them. The feedback has been very positive so far and I loved Kate’s comment (she is one of the gardeners) she said: ‘I really enjoyed the films, they made me chuckle’. Sue Perry, one of the conservationists wrote to me: ‘It’s weird but captivating when walking around the house now; I really like hearing all the sounds, wondering where they’re from; I never thought how effective that would be; it’s like the house breathing all its secret words!’

I worked with the Andover Young Carers too while I was at Mottisfont and their pinhole photos and film are on exhibition in the Community Space  too and they are looking good. I’ll add a link to their film when I’ve got it sorted.


About Anna Cady

Artist / film maker, works collaboratively.
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