Back in the saddle

One or two things have kept me from Mottisfont over the last two weeks, but should be back in the saddle this week. Rehearsal on Tuesday with the Mottisfont Singers (choir of volunteers) for their debut on the evening of 18 May at Mottisfont House, and more recording of dawn the next day, probably in the duck grounds. The Irons won at the weekend, pretty much ensuring a mid-table finish.

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1 Response to Back in the saddle

  1. Louise Govier says:

    Best meeting of the week!
    Really looking forward to Hywel being back tomorrow and singing with our group once more. Tuesdays at 3.15 pm have definitely become the highlight of the week – I usually belt in at the last minute with my mind in three different places at once, but within minutes, I’m singing away, laughing with the others and feeling utterly relaxed. It’s been amazing how quickly the group has come together, and we’re now really starting to make some lovely sounds. One of the best parts is rehearsing in the beautiful painted Whistler Room – we all stand around the piano, and sing 30s songs with some gorgeous harmonies that Hywel has arranged. You feel that it’s the sort of thing the room was designed for – party music, song and laughter (all we need is the cocktails, though perhaps it’s a bit early in the day!). At the last rehearsal, we had our first spontaneous round of applause from some visitors who were watching – we must be getting somewhere!

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