Forever for Everyone

Where have I been? Sorry! I’ve been working 16 hours a day to get the exhibition ready. I will post some photos of the installation soon but here’s an update.

Forever for Everyone opened on 15th March with a fantastic preview (thanks to everyone for turning out on such an incredibly foul evening).  The support I have been given has been exceptional. Special thanks to Phil Smith, the art curator at Mottisfont who made sure everything was in place and working and kept me (relatively) sane. Normally exhibitions are only up for a few weeks but amazingly this one will be open daily from 11am to 5pm for six months – so no excuses!

lime pleaching  I was told on my first day that ‘Forever for Everyone’ is the motto of the National Trust and I knew it would be the perfect title because these films really do reveal, in amazing detail, the  tireless and endless work which goes on behind the scenes.

Sue conservation cleaning

You could say that the films give another ‘point of view’ (the camera worn on the body of the person working is called a ‘point of view’ camera), however my intention is that whilst the visitor will imagine he, or she, is watching a film about conservation, dusting, decorating or pruning etc what they are actually seeing (on the other side of the busy hands) is an unnoticed detail of the place itself, a certain light on the grass, or perhaps just the reality of gardening in continuous rain.

Johnny pruning roses

OK, OK it was sunny once or twice! I arranged with Johnny that if the sun did come out he would do some pruning and tying back of the roses on this wall. So when I saw what a beautiful day it was I dashed over to Mottisfont and found him.

winter garden Viki 01160516

But on some days it really was extremely cold. I think Viki was heading for hypothermia on this day and I had to use all my powers of persuasion to get her to put on the camera. She was too cold to care that the winter garden was actually looking totally stunning – she just needed hot soup…


About Anna Cady

Artist / film maker, works collaboratively.
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