Sometimes it is difficult

sue wraps pics 1 01153504Several of the rooms are having their ceilings repaired over the next few weeks. So that is why there is so much wrapping up and putting away of all the precious objects going on. I was worrying about whether I would be at Mottisfont with the camera when the conservationists wrapped the paintings (whilst the paintings are still on the walls) with tissue and bubble wrap. They don’t find it odd to see a room with wrapped pictures on the walls …

sue wraps pics 1 01011500

Anyway I left the camera for them to use when they did the wrapping and I shouldn’t have worried because they have really got into the swing of using the point of view camera. You can see here (and I see when I edit) how Sue is considering how the camera is in relation to her position as she works, her shadow, the view in the background, and so on. It is very exciting.

sue wraps pics 1 01034413

And then it is deadly! Because she has done such a wonderful lot of footage I am finding that it is the most incredibly difficult edit ever!

sue wraps pics 1 01054705 00005400

When I have finished with Sue and the paintings I have an equally tough edit to do with Ceri wrapping the pelmets!

Ceri pelmet wrapping 01011023


How do you wrap a pelmet!

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Artist / film maker, works collaboratively.
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