A wet and windy week…

Alice clearing endless leaves

I have spent a lot of time at Mottisfont this week, pouncing on unsuspecting workers and asking them to wear the camera. You have all been very patient. I made some ‘stills’ from the films, which don’t quite show how brilliant the footage is but they give an idea of what the camera is seeing.

Sue drawing the fire irons

Fixing the water wheel

Although the camera is waterproof the dots of rain on the lens don’t look good, so I will probably avoid outside filming in the rain in future. I didn’t get Michael to film cleaning out  the font because it was SO wet, but it cleared up later and we got some brilliant footage while they were installing one of the stars.

Michael installing a star

I have been keen to get going and gather different experiences as best and as soon as I can but I can see it must be frustrating for people when they are working as they see me looming out of the mist or putting my head round the door yet again. I will try not to be too demanding but it will be worth it I promise!

Cleaning tools in the dry…

Kate washing kitchen floor

Kate tying back roses


About Anna Cady

Artist / film maker, works collaboratively.
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1 Response to A wet and windy week…

  1. Mica Pinnington, Outdoor Guide says:

    Looking great so far, I am looking forward to more. Good to see all the different people at work. Have met you and enjoyed our little chat. Don’t worry about approaching people, we are all a happy and hopefully helpful lot.

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