End of first week at Mottisfont

Here is a film still of Johnny Bass at work – the first to try out the camera.

I thought I’d have time to post my first experiences as ‘artist in residence’ before today but Mottisfont took me by storm! I’ve been filming with the gardeners planting and the conservationists wrapping things up in the house, with the guys who came to mend the water wheel pump and the volunteers having a bonfire.

It all began when I came into have an introductory talk with Lynn on Weds and whilst I was waiting I spotted Johnny Bass and his team planting up the parterre with hundreds of forget-me-nots. I went down to introduce myself and told him about the project. He seemed interested so I got out my little video camera which he immediately recognised – ‘Oh a Go Pro’ he said and happily strapped himself into it and got on with his planting.

My idea is to get people to wear the camera when they are working on maintaining (and being creative with) the fabric of the house and gardens – I want to reveal snippets of life at Mottisfont ‘behind the scenes’ from the point of view of the hands of the workers – and it seems to be working…

Tomorrow at 8am I’ll be with Michael dipping the camera in the font (the camera is water proof).


About Anna Cady

Artist / film maker, works collaboratively.
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